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Over $100M Expected for Louisiana from Today’s Federal Energy Sale

Biden Forced to Conduct O&G Lease Sale Amid Jeff Landry Court Win 

NEW ORLEANS, LA – After a federal court ruled in favor of Attorney General Jeff Landry, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) today conducted the first Gulf oil and gas lease sale of 2021. Lease Sale 257 – which is expected to generate over $100 million for the State of Louisiana in the next year alone – was held after Attorney General Landry won an historic, nationwide injunction against the Biden Administration’s attempts to stop sales on federal lands.

At a
press avail held outside the BOEM Building in New Orleans this morning – Attorney General Landry declared the sale as a win not only for the hundreds of thousands of Louisianans in the energy industry, but also for the hundreds of millions of Americans who rely on affordable and dependable energy.

“Despite Joe Biden’s aggressive, reckless abuse of Presidential power to ban domestic energy development – we have delivered a victory for American families suffering from the pain at the pump and the cost to power their homes,” said Attorney General Landry.

Attorney General Landry also noted the impact these sales have on coastal restoration and hurricane protection in the Bayou State. “Lease sales generate millions and millions of dollars dedicated to environmental protection projects.”

While Lease Sale 257 is welcomed news to the State, Attorney General Landry noted his lawsuit against the Biden Ban continues.

“The Biden’s Administration has not taken any public action that would indicate they are working to timely develop the critical 5-year program beginning in 2022; without that program, we will continue to see increases of energy prices,” concluded Attorney General Landry. “Our fight against the President’s unconscionable attack on American energy is far from over.”