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Fight Against Opioid Epidemic Takes Louisiana AG Office to Cleveland

BATON ROUGE, LA - The latest step in Louisiana's ongoing effort to end the opioid epidemic involves a trip to the Midwest. 

Chief Deputy Attorney General Bill Stiles this week attended court proceedings in the Federal Multi-District Litigation in Cleveland, Ohio. 

"While Louisiana is not a party to this litigation, Attorney General Offices from across the country were asked to attend yesterday's proceedings and discuss issues with the Court," said Stiles. "I thank Judge Polster for inviting us and for allowing us to participate in these critical discussions."

"Judge Polster sees this as the national crisis it is, and he understands that a national settlement cannot happen without buy-in from the state Attorneys General," continued Stiles. "Yesterday, the Judge put all the parties in the same room; this effective first step recognizes the Attorneys General's important roles in this type of litigation."

"Judge Polster's interest in resolving this issue globally is commendable," continued Stiles. "The opioid epidemic is a complex issue that Attorney General Jeff Landry has attacked from multiple fronts and will continue to do so moving forward."

General Landry has taken several steps to fight opioid abuse, misuse, and addiction - including, but not limited to: investigating opioid manufacturers and distributors, lobbying Congress for more stringent oversight of these companies, creating the "End the Epidemic LA" educational campaign, and making Naloxone available to Louisiana's first responders at no cost to their agencies.