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St. Helena Sheriff's Office Receives Prescription Drug Take Back Box From AG

GREENSBURG, LA – Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry today announced a new tool for the citizens of St. Helena Parish to aid them in fighting the opioid epidemic. 

Last year, General Landry began an effort to place prescription drug take back boxes in every parish throughout Louisiana. Today, one of these boxes has been placed in St. Helena with the hope that residents will drop off their unused or expired prescription drugs – rather than having them remain in their homes, easily accessible to experimenters or addicts.

“Research has shown that 60% of opioid misusers began their addictions by taking prescriptions that were not theirs,” said General Landry. “So we are partnering with the public and private sectors to help get these unneeded drugs out of homes and safely disposed.”

In partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana (BCBSLA) and the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators, General Landry has worked with Sheriff Nat Williams to provide this resource to the citizens he has sworn to protect and serve.

“I appreciate AG Landry for supplying us with this drug box that will assist the men and women of St. Helena in removing potentially dangerous substances out of their homes,” said Sheriff Williams. “This is another step in our efforts to keep the citizens of St. Helena Parish safe.”

“Through our partnership with AG Landry and local law enforcement, we’ve been able to give more Louisiana residents access to a safe, easy way to get rid of their unused, expired and leftover prescription drugs,” said Michael Tipton, director of Community Relations and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation. “That gets them out of homes and off the streets, preventing them from being stolen, abused or misused.”

Those who place prescription drugs into the drop box do so anonymously, and they are encouraged to either place drugs in a zip bag or remove all identifying labels from the pill bottle.

“With summer quickly approaching, children will be around the house more; so I encourage everyone to take advantage of this resource now,” concluded General Landry. “Let’s do all we can to prevent these drugs from ending up in the wrong hands.”

The St. Helena drug take back box is located at 53 North Second Street in Greensburg. 
For a list of all locations in Louisiana, please visit