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Protecting Louisiana Veterans

  • 1/8/2021

Louisiana Company Targeting Veterans Shut Down

AG Jeff Landry: As a proud veteran and the State's chief legal officer, I will continue doing all that I can to protect our military community from being exploited. Our veterans earned their benefits by putting their lives on the line for our freedoms; the least we can do is fight to defend them from unscrupulous schemes that violate our consumer protection laws.

  • 11/11/2020

Attorney General Jeff Landry Salutes Fellow Veterans

AG Jeff Landry: I salute you, the brave men and women of America who have sacrificed, fought, and - in some cases - gave their lives to defend our great nation. May we never forget your sacrifice and always remember the dedication and sacrifice of our veteran families.

  • 11/2/2017

Veterans Consumer Alert: Stay Empowered to Fight Scams and Fraud

General Landry: As a veteran, I joined many of our nation's finest to protect our rights and freedoms. And as Attorney General, I will continue doing all that I legally can to protect the military community from criminals targeting them with scams.