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General Landry: My thoughts and prayers are with the Chauvin and Starr families, who lost their loved ones to an illegal alien with a vast criminal background including charges of 2nd Degree Battery and Domestic Abuse Battery. More
General Landry: I accept the court’s ruling because addressing the issues associated with permit violations through the administrative process is a cost-effective, efficient way to resolve any violations. More
General Landry: Our office intends to be a model in arresting illegal criminals and stopping this reckless agenda that threatens public safety. More
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General Landry: In order to protect themselves and others, homeowners are encouraged to use technology in a couple of simple, yet effective ways. More
General Landry: Louisiana is experiencing monumental devastation and tragedy. We are grateful for the efforts of GoFundMe to make sure donations benefit our struggling neighbors — not fraudulent individuals or organizations. More
General Landry: While many Louisiana consumers may believe they are getting a local locksmith company, they too often are actually getting service from a non-licensed worker dispatched by an out-of-state company. More
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Coming soon, the attorney's general office seeks to provide a mechanism by which to take online payments for collections.